Frontline Study is a ministry of the Rev. Fritz Foltz, D.D. and an extension of Frontline Devotions.

Frontline Study seeks to provide people with insights into faith while spurring dialogue.  You’re actively encouraged to join in the conversation by posting comments.  Comments are nested, so you can add a new comment or respond to one that has been previously posted.  Your suggestions for new study topics are always welcome.

Frontline Devotions is a ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg, MD.  Pastor David Sonnenberg (Fritz’s son-in-law) manages the program, which shares the work of several authors who volunteer to prepare daily content for up to enjoy.  A daily email devotion offers a short text from scripture, a short message designed to take the “truth of scripture” and apply it to daily living, and a closing prayer. It can be a 5 minute experience that simply helps you in the midst of a busy day to “remember who you are” and jumpstart you to serve with joy.  To learn more or subscribe, click here.